Rancho Bernardo Dentist | 7 Technology Advancements That Make Your Dental Visits More Effective — and More Comfortable

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The oral health industry has made major strides in bringing comfort to the dentist’s chair. And there’s a lot to be excited about in the coming years — but there’s a lot to feel comfortable about right now, as well. Take a look at just a few of the industry advancements that make sure you’re getting more effective and more comfortable dental care.

1. CAD/CAM Technology – Also simply known as “single day restorations”. The use of cad/cam technology allows the digital creation of a porcelain restorations without having to take the goopy impressions, having a temporary made, and returning for a second visit to have the crown cemented on. The crown can be designed, physically created in the office, and cemented all in one visit. More efficient, better results, better dental visits!

2. CAT Scans. A 3D-imaging system that helps dentists view bone structure more accurately. This technology has become increasingly specialized for implant dentistry, which has become the standard for tooth-replacement care.

3. Composite Materials. Because of their tooth-like resolution, many composite materials are used in veneers and restorations to fill cavities. These materials are continually being improved upon and refined for ease of application and to hold shape without sliding off the tooth or breaking. They are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking a natural look. 

4. Sedation Dentistry. Use of a sedative during a dental procedure is nothing new, but it’s becoming far more commonplace because it is both safe and effective. Oral sedation requires no needles, and the patient remains conscious but far less anxious. Fear keeps many people from taking care of their oral health — sedation dentistry removes the fear.

5. Dental Implants. What used to be a six-month process in some cases is now a much faster process: Anyone who needs missing teeth replaced can receive crown restorations immediately after tooth extraction, rather than waiting several months.

6. Digital Photography. What does photography have to do with dentistry? Oral health professionals use photography to help communicate what treatment is needed, leading to patients having a better understanding of what’s going on and deciding what is best for their mouth. Before and after photos help show what is possible after simple procedures like dental fillings, to smile makeovers or a full mouth reconstruction. It’s another opportunity to give patients more control over what they want their smile to look like. 

7. Digital Xrays. Not only do digital xrays provide instant results but they can also reduce radiation by 70% compared with traditional film-based xrays. Computer tools can help manipulate the image to take measurements of a tooth, enhance the contrast of the picture, and do other important things to help achieve a more accurate diagnosis. 

*In case you’re wondering, our office here in Rancho Bernardo has all of these advancements. Please call or email us for more information!

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