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Dentist in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Beautiful Teeth Whitening

This 50 year old Rancho Bernardo resident wanted her teeth to be whitened. She has some strong concerns regarding the staining on her teeth that have been present for decades….

Veneers helped this man smile again

This young man chipped his tooth while getting a rebound in a basketball game. Both front teeth were restored with porcelain veneers. Notice that the restorations were not one solid color but were characterized to blend in with his other teeth. At Cl…..

Beautiful Tooth-Colored Fillings

This teenager from Escondido had a few dental sealants that gathered decay underneath them. After removing the sealant and decay, we restored this tooth with tooth-colored (composite) fillings. Our goal is for our dental work to mimic what nature gav…..

Restoring a Fractured Crown

This patient traveled from out of the state to have Dr. Chan restore her front crown that had fractured. Using our advanced technology via Cerec, we were able to create a highly esthetic and strong restoration in one visit. This kind of service allow…..

Teeth Whitening drastically improved this teenager’s smile

This Rancho Bernardo teenager had just gotten her braces off in time for summer – but there was a minor problem! During her orthodontic work, plaque accumulation created unsightly white spots on her teeth (areas of decalcification) as well as areas o…..

Implant Crowns

This patient needed to have one of his front teeth removed and replaced with an implant. As you can see, we have successfully achieved excellent gum tissue health and esthetics. The implant crown is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the na…..

Full mouth smile rejuvenated with dental crowns

Our dentist, Dr. Brian Chan, and our team, are experts in reconstructing full mouth smiles when they have been worn down with time. This is an example of a full mouth restoration case that we completed with all porcelain crowns in a lighter shade. So…..

All porcelain crowns strengthened these weakened teeth

Here we have a series of teeth with old silver fillings that are need of replacement. Decay and fractures made these teeth weak and prone to breaking. The decay and amalgam fillings were removed and the teeth restored with all porcelain crowns to gre…..

Same day crowns restored these fractured teeth

These crowns were created to replace old silver (amalgam) fillings that were leaking and had decay under them. Both the top view and side view are presented to show how esthetic these CEREC crowns can be. They are made of a very strong type of porcel……

Teeth Whitening for a new smile without any dental restorations!

This is an example of a common teeth whitening case with the Kor system that we see in Rancho Bernardo. These results were achieved after the patient whitened his teeth every night for 2 weeks. As you can see, there was quite a dramatic result withou……

Veneers renewed these worn teeth for a new smile!

These two front teeth had white-fillings (resin veneers) on the front for over 20 years. Natural staining and deterioration of the material occurred over that length of time and both teeth were restored and renewed with porcelain veneers. The color w……

Veneers made this smile new again

This Rancho Bernardo patient was another case of old, weathered veneers that needed replacement. The difference in old versus new materials is quite evident. Our goal was to create two veneers that blended in seamlessly with the other teeth, so that…..

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