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At Classic Dental Smiles, we offer a wide array of dental services to meet the needs of all our patients in one office here in Rancho Bernardo. We know the dental office isn’t your favorite place to go but it’s vital towards your overall health that you keep up with your oral health, and working with an experienced team is a great way to feel more comfortable with any of the services you need! Whether you haven’t visited the dentist for a long time, or if you’re just due for your regular cleaning, our team can help! Here are some of our most popular services:Cleanings and checkups: It’s important to visit ……


Minor to moderate imperfections in your teeth can cause you to want to hide your smile. While there are many ways your dentist can restore these imperfections, one of the most beneficial treatments would be porcelain veneers. Veneers are attached to the front of the tooth to hide almost any aesthetic issue from discoloration to chips and cracks. Dr. Brian H. Chan and his team at Classic Dental Smiles strive to give all of his patients in the Rancho Bernardo, CA area the smile of their dreams, and often times, that can be achieved with veneers.Benefits of VeneersThey look natural – When repairing imperfections in your smile, one of your ……

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Dentist in Rancho Bernardo, CA

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