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Here at Classic Dental Smiles, we care about giving you the best tools and treatments for optimal oral health. We offer preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services for all of your smile-related needs. One of our most popular cosmetic treatments is teeth whitening.

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Your daily brushing and flossing routine is a great tool for removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth, but it doesn’t do very much to remove the pigments that settle into the enamel of your teeth. When you consume staining foods and drinks (such as coffee, tea, red wine, and dark colored berries) they leave behind pigments that can contribute to an overall yellowing effect on your teeth.

These pigments do not damage your teeth, but stained enamel can lower your self-confidence and  your inclination to smile frequently and naturally. Multiple psychological studies have proven that smiling is good for your well-being. Smiling frequently—even when you don’t feel like it—can elevate your mood and open you up to positive interaction with others. People who smile frequently and easily are perceived more positively by those around them. If you have been covering or inhibiting your smile, consider how much better you might feel if you brightened up your teeth, even just a few shades whiter.

If you value a bright, white smile as part of your overall appearance, we recommend professional whitening approximately every two years to remove accumulated stains.

Call our Rancho Bernardo, California office today at (858) 485-6781 if you would like to find out more about our whitening treatments.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

You’ve probably noticed commercial products that remove stains on your laundry or carpeting with the oxy- prefix in their names. Maybe you remember someone using bubbly soda water to remove a stain at a party, and being surprised when it actually worked. Soda water can remove stains because it contains carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, which releases oxygen as the bubbles burst. Both of these products use the natural cleaning power of oxygen to release pigments from the fibers in your clothing.

Teeth whitening systems also use oxygen, in the form of hydrogen peroxide gels, which safely dissolve staining pigments deep in the surface of the teeth. You can find hydrogen peroxide-containing strips and gels in over-the-counter products at the drugstore, but the best whitening results come from the professional products that can only be distributed by dentists.

Our Whitening System

Our whitening system is based on professional strength whitening gels and customized trays, which you can use at your convenience and in the privacy of your own home. When you come to our office we will take your dental impression, which is used to construct a set of trays that are a perfect fit for your teeth and mouth. Once the trays have been produced, you can begin your at-home whitening treatment and see results in as little as one day.

Customized trays can enhance the stain-busting properties of whitening gels in two ways. Since over-the-counter whitening strips and trays are one-size-fits-all, they can easily slip out of place, spreading the whitening gel to other parts of the mouth or diluting it with saliva. But with custom-fitting trays, the gel stays on the enamel of your teeth, where it can whiten more effectively.

Additionally, well-fitting trays reduce the potential for tooth and gum sensitivity, which sometimes happens after using hydrogen peroxide gels. If you experience no tooth sensitivity you are going to be much more likely to wear the trays for the recommended length of time and see dramatic results more quickly.

The Fastest, Simplest Route to a New Smile

We cannot predict how everyone’s teeth will react to whitening treatments, but we know that many of our patients have seen dramatic results in very little time. Many of our staff also use the trays and gels and can testify to amazing results with little to no sensitivity.

Teeth whitening is a fast and economical way to brighten and refresh your smile. It is less invasive than many other cosmetic dentistry treatments, and can transform your smile with no risk of damage to your teeth and gums.

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